A complete toyota hilux 5 inch Profender 4x4 suspension kit feature image showing all the components, brackets, blocks and shocks in the kit

5 Inch Superior Profender Lift Kit Toyota Hilux




Superior Engineering now has a 5″ Profender lift kit for the Toyota Vigo Hilux. This complete kit has everything you need to get your vehicle riding high.

The Suspension Kit includes:

  • 2 x Drop Spindles
  • 1 x Front and Rear Drop Crossmembers
  • 2 x Diff Drop Brackets
  • 2 x Tail Shaft Spacers
  • 2 x Compression Braces
  • 2 x Front Braces
  • 2 x Bump Stop Extensions
  • 1 x Set of Hand Brake Spacer Brackets
  • 3 x Front & Rear Brakeline
  • 2 x Sway Bar Extensions
  • 4 x Ubolts
  • 2 x Lift Blocks
  • 2 x Front Strut Extensions
  • 1 x Asst Nuts & Bolts
  • 2 x Profender 4×4 Front Struts
  • 2 x Profender 4×4 Rear Shocks

NOTE: Some rim offsets may not be suitable for use with this kit. It is the customers responsibility to ensure their rim and tire combination will fit.

Warning: When lifting an IFS vehicle over 2″ inches it will not drive or handle the same as a factory height vehicle. Additional noise, wear and tear, and maintenance can be expected.

For more information on how this kit may affect your vehicle please call one of our sales staff.

Superior Engineering recommends the use of only standard height suspension with this kit.

While it is possible to use lifted aftermarket suspension with these kits, all warranties will be voided by doing so.

By using raised suspension with these kits there is more chance of driveline vibrations due to excessive drive shaft angles.

These kits may require the use of a Single Piece Tailshaft and or Double Carden Joint.

More Information
Side view of Toyota Hilux fitted with 5" Superior Profender lift kit
Side view of Toyota Hilux fitted with 5″ Superior Profender lift kit
Front view of Toyota Hilux fitted with 5 inch Superior Profender lift kit
Front view of Toyota Hilux fitted with 5 inch Superior Profender lift kit
5 inch Superior Profender lift kit fitted to current model Toyota Hilux
5 inch Superior Profender lift kit fitted to current model Toyota Hilux
Rear view of 5 inch Superior Profender lift kit fitted to current model Toyota Hilux
Rear view of 5 inch Superior Profender lift kit fitted to current model Toyota Hilux
Rear view of Profender lift kit fitted to current model Toyota Hilux
Rear view of Profender lift kit fitted to current model Toyota Hilux
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25 thoughts on “5 Inch Superior Profender Lift Kit Toyota Hilux”

  1. Hey guys

    Just wondering what suspension would you recommend for a 2010 sr hilux.. i do a bloody lot of traveling.. i would prefer a 4 or 5 inch but if the suspension you recommend is 3 ill go with that cheers

    1. Hi Harli

      Doing a lot of traveling in your Hilux, I would defiantly recommend not going above the 3″ inch mark as it will make the ride quality very rough as you will run out of down travel and the car will start getting some tail shaft vibration.

      I can offer this full kit as being the best option for your application:



  2. Hi I have a current 2016 hilux sr5 and was wondering if u have developed a 4 inch lift kit yet for This model.. If u have can u please give me a quote please

    Thanx ash

    1. Hi Ash,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      At this stage there are some roadblocks, The factory has changed a couple of things in the current model which makes lifting them even harder than usual.

      At this stage the largest lift possible without sacrificing vehicle durability and serviceability is 3” for the front.

      I hope this helps

  3. Hey guys , I was wanting to put a 4 inch lift in my 14 sr5 hilux . What adjustments do I have to do to make this big boy go in my ute ? Extend brake lines and other things along that line ?

    1. Hi Jesse, I have copied the link to our website for the profender kit which contains everything you need to do the 4inch lift into your hilux. I have given you 2 options one with remote reservoir shocks shocks and the other with normal montoube shocks
      https://www.superiorengineering.com.au/4×4-suspension/suspension-lift-kits/profender-adjustable-monotube-remote-reservoir-4-lift-kit-toyota-hilux-2005-on-stage-2-21193?filter=236,355 $3540.00

      https://www.superiorengineering.com.au/4×4-suspension/suspension-lift-kits/profender-monotube-4-inch-lift-kit-toyota-hilux-2005-15-29113?filter=236,355 $3235.00
      they have a full listing of what is in the kits, we would get your specific vehicle details and work out a spring combination to suit your application and that would not vary the price of each kit.

      If there is anything else I can help with please feel free to ask

  4. Hi,
    Ive recently bought a 2016 Hilux, I want to inquire if you have a 5″ lifting kit. I live in Philippines. Can you send me the pricing.

    1. Hello,

      I believe the 2016 Hilux will have different suspension to the current model, we are yet to confirm this as we have not received a vehicle here yet but industry talk is that it is different and this kit will not fit your model.



    1. Hi Josh,

      The kit itself is $3965.00 and you can find a link to it below:

      Installation of this kit is a little more involved than some as you can see there are many more parts than usual, the installation for these kits is $1600.00 including a wheel alignment.

      Are you local to Deception Bay? If not we can quote you on competitive freight to get the kit to you.



  5. Hi there what is the price for one of these kits? And because I have some of these brackets will the price drop down since I wouldn’t need them? Like the CV drop brackets?

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately these kits are sold as a complete unit only.

      Below is a link to our Superior Engineering website that has pricing plus freight which will be determined by your location.

      All our kits are manufactured with matching components so using your own couple of bits probably won’t work as they are from a different kit.


      Should you require any further information or wish to order a kit please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    1. Hi Benjamin

      Based on the information you provided we are sure your vehicle is the solid front so the 5 Inch Superior Profender Lift Kit Toyota Hilux will not fit.

      What is the exact details of your 4×4.

      Ute LWB Dsl 2.2lt
      Ute LWB Dsl 2.4 & 2.8lt
      Ute LWB Dsl 2.4lt
      Ute LWB Pet 1.8, 2.2 & 2.4lt
      Ute LWB Pet 2.2, 2.4 & 3.0lt
      Ute LWB Pet 2.4 & 3.0lt

      Please advise and I can provide you some other recommendations.

    1. Hi Chez

      We sure can supply to South Africa. We have an international sales staff member who can handle your request.

      All we need is your email address for starters and we will contact you to see which lift kit or suspension gear you are chasing as well as your postal address.

      We can then provide you with a quote for the parts and freight.

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